Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Surreal world of Jim Steranko

I am huge fan of the surreal artist / writer Jim Steranko, especially his run on Marvel Comics’ NICK FURY: AGENT OF SHIELD during the late 1960’s. Some of his art and concepts were existential, blurring the psychedelic imagery of the times by combining the drug sub-culture, the James Bond / The Man from Uncle / James Coburn’s Flint films and the counter-culture rock n’ roll roar. Some of Steranko’s best covers are available here

My own favourite Steranko cover [pictured right] is from Nick Fury, Agent of Shield #7 published in December 1968 and features a curious blend of Salvador Dali with a 1960’s high-tech espionage motif.

Have a look at more surreal Jim Steranko cover art here


  1. Fantastic Ali. Mr Steranko was also the basis for jack kirby's mr.miracle since he is a real life escape artist...

  2. Steranko is my hero; if I could only write like he draws...

  3. Hey guys, great seeing other people love Steranko, in fact Kirby was an influence on Steranko - and yes Mr Miracle was great and quirky, just like Steranko


  4. I once had an idea to write a screenplay about staranko trying to solve what happened when agatha christie went missing..that's about as far as it got, of course! ..great site Ali!

  5. Steranko's art is really very unique.