Sunday, November 9, 2014

From London to LA - Bouchercon 2014

I am very excited [and fortunate] to be attending Bouchercon 2014 hosted in Long Beach California under Chair Ingrid Willis, and her team. It’s a long journey from London to the West Coast of America - made exciting and amusing by my wonderful friends and travel companions Mike Stotter and Roger Ellory.

I am very proud to be a member of the Bouchercon Board, putting something back into the genre that I love; as experience has shown me that viewing reality through the parallax prism that is Crime, Mystery and Thriller fiction, a most enlightening experience.

So after Long Beach, next year Bouchercon is being hosted in Raleigh, North Carolina – with novelist and academic Stacey Cochran Charing the team, with me helping on the Programming.  

2014 Long Beach, CA 13/11 – 16/11 >
2015 Raleigh, NC 8/10 – 11/10* >
2016 New Orleans, LA 15/9 – 18/9 >
2017 Toronto, Canada 12/10 – 15/10 > web page to follow
2018 St Petersburg, FL 13/9 – 16/9

*Raleigh, North Carolina is named after the famous British Explorer Sir Walter Raleigh who amongst other matters is credited in being the bloke responsible for bringing Tobacco to Europe 

So as we board that West Bound 747 next week, we are delighted to see that The Blouchercon Long Beach have developed a wonderful app for Iphone and Android. I’ve tested it today, and it is really superb, like having the Bouchercon Website in your palm, but with relational databases, making searching for authors, colleagues, panels, information fast and easy. Janet of Mystery Readers has more information here, with download links.
If you are coming, say hello to Mike, Roger and I. 

I am moderating two panels that might be of interest, so please look us up.

And finally, here’s some music that I’m listening to as I pack for the Journey West, and get my frame of mind sorted.

LA Woman by The Doors

It Never Rains In Southern California by Albert Hammond

Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band

Say Goodbye to Hollywood by Billy Joel

Hotel California by The Eagles

Carmelita by Warren Zevon

Lodi by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Macarthur Park by Donna Summer

Little Wine Drinker, Me by Dean Martin

Come a Long Way by Michelle Shocked

from Paul Hamilton on Vimeo.