Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dennis Lehane’s sHutTEr iSlAnD

As the excitement mounts for the film version of Dennis Lehane’s sHutTEr iSlAnD a new trailer has been released, and a big follower of Lehane’s work here’s some interesting videos relating to Lehane and Shutter Island.

I was fortunate to interview Lehane on one of his rare trips to London, and found him a most modest and insightful writer.

Enjoy -
ShUtTeR iSLaNd Trailer # 3

ShUtTeR iSLaNd Trailer # 2

ShUtTeR iSLaNd Trailer # 1

Emily Mortimer interview about Shutter Island

Dennis Lehane on The Late Show

Dennis Lehane interview

Dennis Lehane and Tess Gerritsen with Selina Walker in London

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Dr Lehane please arise

Lehane Reads from The Given Day

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