Monday, February 7, 2011

Shots Ring Out!

With the closure of so many bookstores in the UK and US, pressure on the library systems and a general two-pincer attack from the ‘economy’ and ‘new technology’, publishing is having a very rough time.

The loss of libraries and bricks-and-mortar bookstores will make it harder for authors and publishers to get their works noticed by the public. This will have a terrible effect on literacy, something that worries me as reading helps people ‘think’ and remain informed.

I am therefore very pleased at the hard work, my friend and Shots Editor Mike Stotter with the whole Shots Team have been undertaking, re-vamping the Shots Ezine website. I have particular admiration for our webmasters, Tony ‘Grog’ Roberts, Gary Cane and newcomer Richard Orchard for their hard-work migrating the vast archives to the ‘new site’ and their continual updating.

Shots Blog incidentally is rated No #5 in the top Mystery / Thriller Blogs by Best Colleges Online, special thanks goes to the hard working Ayo Onatade for her continual updates, helping Mike and I out, and keeping you all posted on crime & thriller news.

If you’ve not been to Shots Ezine for a while, it’s worth a click of the mouse, to read the regular columnists Mike Ripley, Peter Guttridge, Mike Carlson, Robin Jarossi and the army of contributors that make the site so exciting.

If you are interested in contributing, or perhaps interested in advertising contact Mike Stotter in the first instance by email : and if you have a news story for our social network coordinator, email Ayo at

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