Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Return of Dick

As a long standing Reader of the works of Philip K. Dick I was excited to read that his last [un-finished] novel will see the light of day, as reported by Alison Flood at the Guardian

Philip K Dick's last wife has reworked the novel the legendary science fiction author was working on when he died in 1982.

Tessa Dick, who described her self-publication of
The Owl in Daylight as a tribute to her former husband, was Dick's fifth and final wife, marrying him in 1973.
She told online magazine the Self-Publishing Review that her version of the novel was an attempt to express "the spirit" of Dick's proposed book. Little is known about the novel, which Dick mentioned in a letter to his editor and agent. According to Tessa, the letter revealed plans to "have a great scientist design and build a computer system and then get trapped in its virtual reality. The computer would be so advanced that it developed human-like intelligence and rebelled against its frivolous purpose of managing a theme park". The letter also mentioned Dante's Inferno and the Faust legend, she said.

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