Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 Cherry Poppers

Jeff Pierce [my editor at The Rap Sheet] has ‘tagged me’ to reveal some of my favourite 2008 reads by writers ‘new’ to me, and also to highlight debuts [with an *asterisk]. I went a tad off-tangent writing instead about ‘Breakthrough Novels’ as it was a little easier to recall them.

I must admit that I wish I kept better records of my reading; so this is going to be ‘off the top of my head’ – so here goes.

[Photo : Bob Crais reading Stav Sherez's debut novel 'The Devil's Playground']

Money Shot, by Christa Faust (Hard Case Crime) – Tipped by Sarah Weinman
*Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith (Simon and Schuster UK) – Tipped by Lee Child
Robbie’s Wife by Russell Hill (Hard Case Crime) – Tipped due to an Edgar Nom
*Bait by Nick Brownlee (Little Brown) – Tipped by the publisher
Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek (Macmillan) – Tipped by crimeficreader
*Shock and Awe by David Isaak (Macmillan) – Tipped by Jeff Pierce
The Calling by Inger Ash Wolfe (Transworld) – Tipped by Linda Richards

All these novels rocked my world and were from authors I had never read prior to receiving recommendations – and interestingly I have indicated who tipped me off about the book.

As much as I love discovering new writers who rock my world, it means I have to keep up with their output which in itself is a challenge. The writers above all made a huge impression on me.

Now the secondary problem is the boxes of books that I have not been able to read for whatever reason, of which time being the main issue. So with a break over Christmas, I hope to clear some of my backlog, as well as escape the economic gloom that pervades reality.

So now I am going to Tag - Linda Richards and Sarah Weinman to give us your new[-to you] writer discoveries [unless you have already been tagged, you are on next].


  1. Ali,

    Of the books on your list, Money Shot is the only one I've read. It topped my list almost all year until I read Don Winslow's The Dawn Patrol. Both books now share my #1 spot. Child 44 is now on hold at my library. And I'll be getting to Robbie's Wife as I read all the HCC material. I'll look up the other books on your list.

    I did my own list which was populated by a lot of dead people as I am conducting a bit of post-due research into the crime and mystery fiction genre. It's quite difficult to keep up with all the books coming out. My newest find is Arnaldur Indridason's Jar City.

  2. Arnaldur Indridason's Jar City

    WoW That is one the greatest police procedurals ever written, it made me weep, it is magnificent, WoW - you are in for one HUGE treat.

    I have the Winslow book, and heard its great - and just came in - Tom Rob Smith's follow-up to Child 44 'THE SECRET SERVANT' -

    And thanks for the kind words Scott


  3. Hi, Ali--

    I always like to hear someone enjoyed my book, but when I hear it from you I'm thrilled. Thanks.

    David Isaak